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ResponseEve is responsive, fresh, modern, bold and completly free. You may use it for both private and commercial projects. If you like it and if you want to show some respect for my work, consider not to remove the link in the footer - though it is not required. Anyway, do me a favour and spread the word!

Please understand that - due to the fact, that this is free - no service is provided. But I am available for freelance jobs! ;-)

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"You can use it with or without green or grey box. The classes are: quote, green, grey. The boxes are meant to attract attention - don´t use them extensively." More...

Inuit framework

This template is responsive! It is based on the Inuit-framework. You can extend the framework with igloos - have a look at the website!
Visit the website!

Inbuilt grid

The grid used here has a max-width of 1120 px for larger screens and 16 columns with no end or last in use to stop the flow - self-clearing!

Your own grid

You can produce your own grid with the width and gutter you like with the Inuit Grid-builder and replace the grid that is used here in no time!


The slider is the great responsive Flexslider, which offers many features. Visit the website to find out more about the features!

Nice social icons

The social icons were made by Alex Peattie, you can download the set on his website and even use them as a webfont with @font-face!

Font 'Oswald'

Oswald was created by Vernon Adams (who made other nice free fonts, too), it´s embedded with @font-face. You can download it, for example (SIL-license).


The subpage 'Contact' includes the great JQuery plugin Formalize by Nathan Smith. Visit the website to find out what it does and see the demos!